About MixTender Beverages

MixTender Beverages is committed to delivering excellence and superiority to the beverages and FMCG industry, with products that surpass consumer expectations.

MixTender Beverages is a key member in MT Group and owner and developer of DoubleDare - fruits flavored carbonated beverages - and Snaps non-alcoholic malt carbonated beverages and other innovative products in the pipeline.
Alongside MT Mixers and MT Distribution, MixTender Beverages is a company with a young and dynamic management team, able to stand independently.
The company is specialised in developing and producing the next generation of carbonated soft drinks and non-carbonated products. As an industry pioneer, MixTender Beverages will deliver on its promise of bringing to the market drinks no one else can match.

  • SNAPS is one of the brands introduced by the beverage market guru MixTender Beverages, which is a leading beverage company under MT Group.
    Non-Alcoholic Carbonated Malt Beverage
  • DoubleDare is something different. Whether on the beach, in a club, in the humdrum of city life, DoubleDare is a reminder of new horizons.
    Fruit Flavoured Carbonated Beverage

Shifting the soft drinks industry to its next level

DoubleDare is the result of years of research and development. We were all bored of the mainstream so we started the journey in German labs and continue to do so for each and every one of our carbonated and non-carbonated beverage brands.

After the astounding success DoubleDare attained, MixTender’s team moved to produce its own non-alcoholic malt beverages brand SNAPS with a passion that’s still burning stronger than ever.